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Our Benefits

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! A world class luxury retailer has to offer a world class benefit program. Birks believes that your well-being must be balanced with your commitment to achieve excellence.


We offer a Flexible Group Insurance Program for eligible employees, where you can choose from various options for the best medical and dental coverage adapted to your specific needs.


We offer competitive salary with bonus and/or commission along with sick pay and a day off on your birthday!


We offer great working environment at our stores and corporate office, combined with flexible work schedule & summer hours for employees working at our corporate office.


Our amazing employee merchandise discounts provides you and your immediate family the opportunity to purchase our beautiful jewelry and timepieces year-round!


With spacious and modern open concept work areas, generous windows, modern materials and timeless allure our corporate office fosters creativity and a productive work environment.

Located at a vital downtown crossroads, just steps from Montreal’s vibrant Quartier des spectacles, and at the heart of the business district, this prime location of our corporate office gives you in-house connections to Montreal’s famed underground city and McGill metro Station, with easy access to shops and restaurants, an exterior terrace for sun breaks, secure bike racks and showers.


“Surround yourself and our customers with delight”

Since 2013, Birks has reinvented its jewellery stores. The new Birks storefront is built to intrigue and to pique curiosity. Combining the Blue Box shape and kaleidoscope effect that are integral to the brand’s new visual identity, the façade grabs the attention of passersby with a diamond shaped entrance.

Once inside, a fresh and modern atmosphere welcomes us. A centerpiece chandelier made of magnifying glass draws us in. As one wanders around the space at their own pace, they encounter luxurious glass boxes on white and wood furniture, symbols of the brand’s attributes: refreshing experience and warm prestige. On the walls, heritage photos showcase the Company’s rich legacy and history.

Welcome to the new Birks!


Birks has put the development of its people at the forefront of its priorities. We value professional growth and offer multiple career development opportunities to our employees, both in retail and in our head office. We believe in further developing the skills and knowledge of our employees.

We believe in the potential that each and every one of our employees has. As such, we provide the stepping stones to progressing through our new career pathway program where multiple possibilities are available. We make sure that our employees are following the career growth they aim for! When employees grow, we also grow as a Company!

– Sophie A. Lancry, Senior Director, Human Resources                    & Internal Communications

We work with our employees to give them the career that they want, by continuously offering them the tools to further their career.


Birks is helping you build a lifelong career. We provide all employees with the opportunity to grow and develop their knowledge and skills in ways that would support them professionally and personally.


At Birks, we understand the importance of welcoming new talent. We want you to feel special, just like our clients do. We provide a customized on-boarding program tailored to each of our newly hired employees to support their development and ensure their success. Our onboarding program allows you to discover Birks through the eyes of your direct supervisor and various subject matter experts who will introduce you to our brand and our culture through several activities, such as visits to the stores and/or the headquarters.

It’s time to embrace your journey towards a delightful career.


The Birks University offers employees the opportunity to grow and develop their careers by offering them several training programs such as:
• Fine Jewellery and timepieces product knowledge
• Selling Fine Jewellery
• Situational Leadership
• Productive work habits
• Coaching conversations
Throughout the years, our Birks University offers our employees a multitude of learning opportunities delivered via different ways; individual, online or group sessions.
It’s time to embrace your journey towards a delightful career.


Birks Connect is an online platform where employees can have access to their learning, professional and personal development while connecting with others within the Birks Group community! In other words where they can LEARN, GROW & SHARE.

I am so happy to be working at Birks. The company enables me to have a good balance between work and family. I’m deeply passionate about sales, cherishing our clients, our products, and our team. It fills me with immense pride to represent Birks and serve as an ambassador for our brand!

– Viviane Ottoni, Sales Professional


Honoring and recognizing special achievements contributes to our success. We recognize excellence in all areas of the Company.

Birks Elite Program

All Sales Professionals that reach at least $1 million in sales for the year will be honored as part of our ELITE MILLION DOLLAR WRITERS club. Based on volume, Sales Professionals can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status, and with those achievements come a variety of rewards.


We celebrate the milestones, service anniversaries, birthdays, retirements and various accomplishments. Also, all employees at the Head Office are invited once a month to a special breakfast hosted by one of our departments. Fun games and prizes are always part of the celebration.


Once a year, the Human Resources team organizes a week dedicated to employee Health and Wellness. This week is filled with activities, conferences, fun classes and of course great prizes to encourage employees to be more active and promote better health habits.